The Eagle’s Claw is Finally Out

I’m pleased to announce that THE EAGLE’S CLAW is now available on Amazon as a Kindle Book. This is the first novel I wrote some 45 years ago. Heavily influenced by Ben Ames Williams’s, HOUSE DIVIDED, I ended up with a 288,000 word tome of well over 1,000 manuscript pages.

Well, “tomes” are out of favor now, so no one was interested in taking on the project. Nonetheless, this is a manuscript to which I had an emotional attachment, so I wanted it to see the light of day. Ergo, I did some heavy editing and self-published it as an ebook. I hope to follow up with a print version.

Set in the years immediately following World War II, THE EAGLE’S CLAW is the story of two young men raised on an Apache reservation in southern New Mexico. Román Otero, is a mixed blood orphan child raised by a reclusive grandmother who is widely regarded as a witch. Under her influence, he wants nothing to do with the white world. Yet Ro’s rescue of the son of a nearby rancher sets off a chain of events that pull him reluctantly away from the reservation.

Jose Peyote, a pureblood, lied about his age and served in the Pacific with the US Marines. He envisions a future for himself in the outside world, but quickly learns peacetime America is not the same as the nation on a war footing.

What follows is a story of conflict, love, hate, prejudice…and ultimately tragic violence. I hope you will read the book and provide me your feedback.


Finally a Little Action

I’ve already published one brilliant, witty post (Site Under Construction), so can’t really call this the first. Nonetheless, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting me and pledge to have much more interesting things to say in the future. As a 20th-Century man, I’m still feeling my way around this strange new medium (as you have likely already figured out).

I was born and raised in the little town of Broken Bow, Oklahoma, and as you will see on the About page, took a meandering trail to reach Albuquerque.

I am totally in love with my adopted state of New Mexico, so a number of future posts will be devoted to expressing that attraction. From time to time, I’ll venture into some flash (or at least short) fiction, and I will occasionally expose some of my personal foibles in this space.

Give me a bit more time to work out some of the finer details, and then I will try to make this an address worth visiting.


Donald (to my family back in Texas), Donald T. (to my brother-in-law in Oregon), and Don (to the rest of the world)